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CPG Food Product Development & Brokerage
F&B Corporate & Team Consulting


The superpower behind the world's fastest-growing, most innovative CPG food products based on popular restaurant brands.

What We Do

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From Menu to Market

We help Restaurants, Caterers and other F&B companies develop hot-selling CPG food products based on their most popular menu items.     

  • Concept Validation - we run the numbers, conduct market research and determine feasibility of your menu item as a highly marketable retail product so you can make an informed decision if a CPG strategy is right for your brand.  

  • Product Development - we will refine your recipes into product formulas suitable for mass production, and develop packaging systems (shelf stable or frozen) to maximize shelf life and drive sales.

  • Manufacturing and Distribution - we help our clients develop manufacturing processes internally, or establish relationships with GFSI/USDA/FDA co-packers and manufacturers, to ensure quality control with scale.  We also set up distribution channels for local, regional and national sales channels.    

Specialty Food Brokers

Once your food product is ready for market, we drive sales to local, regional and national grocery stores and premium outlets.  You will find our clients' food products on the shelves of:  

  • Albertsons/Safeway

  • Kroger Foods 

  • Whole Foods

  • Amazon

  • Costco

  • Trader Joe's

  • Walmart

  • Williams-Sonoma

  • QVC Television

and many more locally-owned grocery store and online outlets across the United States.  

Corporate & Team Consulting

Our mission is to help our clients' food and beverage product and hospitality businesses grow faster and more profitably through a smart innovation and growth strategy. 

We accomplish this through Facilitation and Consulting.  

Our Master-level Facilitators will guide your team through more effective conversations through better meetings, workshops and retreats that lead to specific, desired outcomes.  

Our Consulting Division can train, implement and manage an agile strategy and intelligent OKR (Objective and Key Results) target-setting system for your food, beverage or hospitality company.  OKRs are the "superpower" that allows businesses to execute on great ideas quicker, with energized, aligned, accountable teams


OKR goal-setting and management plans have driven successful Fortune 100 companies including Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Verizon, Merck, Amazon and more, to literally change the world.  Companies that value a culture of innovation must first develop a structure of alignment where everyone has a voice in the conversation and the best ideas come to light.     

We bring these results-oriented frameworks - and so much more - to our clients, specifically curated for growth-focused businesses. 

Let's talk about the possibilities and bring your corporate mission and vision to life.  

Leadership & Company Retreat Facilitation & Event Planning

We are Certified Master-Level Facilitators.  

Customized specifically for particular areas of focus and objectives, we facilitate the difficult decision-making processes that fall on the shoulders of business leaders.  Our Leadership Retreat Sessions are curated to address the specific objectives of the Leadership Team surrounding topics that are holding them or their company back from achieving and optimizing according to their vision.  

Whether it’s facilitating better communication during times of transition, establishing goals and objectives, or simply having a safe space to organize and formulate ideas, our Leadership Retreat Events help leaders engage teams and move business forward to accomplish ambitious, challenging goals. 

We will facilitate Leadership Retreats remotely or in-person, anywhere in the United States, UK or Canada.  

We also offer a special all-inclusive service with Company Retreat Packages that include Facilitation, Venue, Catering and Travel.  Click to learn more.  


Our team of food, beverage and hospitality industry experts, CPG product developers, workshop designers, facilitators, business consultants, and industry SME's are led by Gail Kurpgeweit, President of Pivot North Consulting Group.  She has extensive experience driving innovation through collaboration for her clients and her own hospitality-industry businesses over two decades. 


We apply a systematic approach to driving innovation in product and service development,  which process is utilized in our proprietary workshop events.  This process mines the best ideas from the industry, client, the client's clients, boots-on-the-ground employees and team leaders within the organization; then funnels the best of those ideas to laser-focused, actionable plans.  

Whether improving processes for Fortune 100 companies like Compass Group USA, Boeing and Microsoft; or working with teams in hospitals, universities and SMB's, our workshops and services drive tangible, predictive, measurable results.  


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