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Corporate & Team Consulting

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We take a comprehensive, customized approach to planning our workshop events and implementation services.  We have experience across industries and company sizes, so we match our program to your particular objectives.  

Although we will work with any industry we determine will benefit from our services, we have significant experience in the Hospitality industry, specifically with Caterers, Food Manufacturers, and Food Product Innovators.  

Strategy Planning Events & Workshops

Our Workshop Masters will take your teams through customized workshops designed to develop key strategies to move your business forward.  From Leadership Summits to company-wide strategic plan roll-outs, we bring top-to-bottom execution on your company's mission.

OKR Systems (Objectives & Key Results) - Workshops and Execution Management

Execute on the best ideas and strategies to deliver massive, measurable and predictive results in your business.   OKR workshops (training, planning/architecture, reviews or retros, etc.) help teams and companies articulate objectives and develop a clear pathway to pre-defined key results. The process promotes positive accountability, focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for your business or team's key initiatives within an established time period.

Collaboration Workshops

Our collaboration events engage everyone in the room!  


Not your typical sit-listen-yawn, we deliver high-impact collaboration experiences online or face-to-face where every voice is heard through active engagement.  Teams from 2 to 2000 work together, separately, so even the most reserved can be heard alongside the most vocal members in the group.  Through our proprietary facilitation process, ideas springboard off other members' input with refined, executable focus.  

NFT and Metaverse Design Sprints and Workshops

Interested in how you can take your food and beverage products or hospitality services into the Metaverse?  We help our clients prepare for this growing social platform and develop strategic plans to monetize, market and grow their businesses in the realm of virtual audiences.  We have assembled a team of experts to teach, design and guide our clients through this emerging frontier.  

Leadership Retreat Facilitation

Customized specifically for particular areas of focus and objectives, we facilitate the difficult decision-making processes that fall on the shoulders of business leaders.  Every Leadership Retreat Event is curated to address the specific objectives of the Leadership Team surrounding topics that are holding them or their company back from achieving and optimizing according to their vision.  Whether it’s facilitating better communication during times of transition, establishing goals and objectives, or simply having a safe space to organize and formulate ideas, our Leadership Retreat Events help leaders engage teams and move business forward to accomplish ambitious, challenging goals. 

For more information regarding All-Inclusive Company Retreat Packages, click here.  

Innovation Workshops

The best ideas are often “hidden” within the headcount of an organization.  Solve problems, improve efficiency, drive innovation of products and services, grow sales - we work with teams on their particular targets to discover, analyze, test and execute strategies that convert into increased profit, growth and efficiency. 


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