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We help Restaurants, Caterers and other F&B companies develop

hot-selling CPG food products based on their most popular menu items.    

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Our Proprietary Three-Step Process


Working With the Best


Make Your Business More Profitable


Profitable Profit Center

Your entire CPG (consumer packaged goods) strategy can be professionally managed, so you enjoy an additional stream of PROFITABLE INCOME without adding headcount or physical square footage.

Grocery Shopping

Recession Smart

As our country heads into recession, guests may spend less to dine out but will continue to buy GROCERIES. With a smart CPG strategy, you can serve your guests whether they're dining in-restaurant, via take-out, or cooking for themselves.

Happy Shoppers

Proven Concept

You've already proven that guests LOVE your most popular sauces and menu items, which gives you a tremendous advantage when introducing it to the retail marketplace.

Bar Chart

Double-Duty Marketing

Your restaurant and CPG marketing strategies are symbiotic. While in-restaurant guests can snap a QR code to access your CPG retail products, your CPG retail products are telling your "brand story" from the shelf, driving more traffic to your restaurant.

Stock Trading Graph

Adds Valuation

When you're looking for new funding or to sell your business, having an additional profitable revenue stream adds value to your brand, making you more attractive to potential financial partners.

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